The 15th International Radio Festival - Tehran, April 2020

IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting)

The growing trend of scientific and technological advances in the radio field, the expansion of culture, Strengthening solidarity, the promotion of scientific and specialized capacities in radio programming, Talent emergence, has had some remarkable creativity and innovation.

Holding the International Radio Festival and the international radio forum, this event will be a step toward achieving the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality (technical and artistic) of radio production by sharing experiences and perspectives, motivating and discovering talent, and demonstrating creativity and honoring radio human resources.

It is hoped that the 15th International Radio Festival and the 7th international radio forum will be a wide arena for the demonstration of the theoretical and scientific potential of the large radio family and professional competence.

The Experiences gained from holding the 14th international radio festival and the 6th international radio forum have brought valuable achievements in the various fields of science and technology and new technologies and along with the dramatic developments that it brought in the field of digital and virtual media, brings The Islamic Republic of Iran Radio to the idea that can provide brighter, more purposive and hopeful ways to the future generations of the media.

The international radio festival and the international radio forum have always been a circle for the best programmers, directors and senior executives of radio networks in the world, especially in Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. During its activity, the festival has been working closely with international organizations such as ABU and AIBD and has been trying to utilize the experiences of these international organizations.

Goals of the festival:

  1. Achieving creative and innovative ideas
  2. To rethink and enhance theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of radio to achieve the world’s standards.
  3. to Commemorate radio programmers and elites in introducing radio networking capabilities.

4- To provide the basis for integration and interaction with radios from all around the world and enhance empathy among the radio colleagues.

Policies and principles of the festival:

  1. Trying to preserve its international status.
  2. Emphasizing on being author-centered in program selection and to being precise in choosing the program staff.
    3. To Pay attention to the international standards.

4. to Utilize research and documentary achievements.
5. To create the basis for upgrading programming skills through workshops

Call for 15th International Radio Festival of Iran

The International Radio Festival of Iran is the biggest event in the radio calendar in the Middle East and North Africa, receiving entries from radio stations and independent producers every two years from all around the globe. The festival provides participants with a great opportunity to express their creativity and imagination, interact with others from the radio world, and of course compete for the coveted trophy of the gala.


The 15th IRFI will be held in these categories:

(up to 30 min.)


(up to 30 min.)


(up to 5 min.)

Mini Feature

(up to 5 min.)

Short Drama

(up to 90 sec.)

Community/Public Service Announcement

(up to 60 min.)

On-Air Personality

(up to 60 min.)


(up to 60 min.)

User Generated Content Programs



It will be done in two levels:

Primary Selection

Final Judgment

It will be done by experts and experienced radio programmers


Judging Criteria

Judgment on entries will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Target and aim
  2. Originality of the content
  3. Structure
  4. Production technique


  1. Each radio station is allowed to take part in any category with two programs.
  • Individuals can attend the festival with only one program.
  1. The programs should be broadcast between September 2018 and December 2020.
  2. Programmers should send the English text along with the programs.
  3. Entries should be either in the MP3 format (standard format) or Audio CD.
  4. Titles of the finalists will be announced on the official website of the festival (
  5. Finalist will be invited to attend the festival in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Scheduled to be held in Tehran in April 2020.
  6. The secretariat of the festival will cover the accommodation expenses for all the finalists.
  7. Deadline for the submission to the secretariat is on February 28, 2020.
  8. The programs should not ever be presented in any other local and international festivals.


  • First prize in each category: 1000 € and festival trophy
  • Second prize in each category: 700 € and a certificate of appreciation

Secretariat of the 15th International Radio Festival of Iran,

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB),

P.O. Box, 19395 - 3333

Tehran, Iran

E-mail :


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